St Kitts and Nevis Economic Citizenship


Approval: 4-5 months
No Tax: Personal Income
Visa Free: 154+ countries
Investment: Donation, Real Estate

The St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program is a win-win proposition. The program allows a person of good character and financial means to secure their freedom, their assets and their family’s future. In return for St Kitts and Nevis economic citizenship, the local community gains meaningful investment and dynamic entrepreneurs who can contribute to the local economy.

After successfully completing the application process, the investor will enjoy visa free travel to over 154 countries including Russia, Brazil, Cuba, EU and the UK. Additionally, the St Kitts and Nevis passport requires no residency, no interview and no income tax. Plus, it offers investors a politically neutral passport and freedom to engage with the world.

  1. St Kitts and Nevis Location
  2. St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Benefits
  3. Sustainable Growth Fund Option
  4. Real Estate Investment Options

Facts About St Kitts and Nevis

Major Industries: Tourism and Offshore Banking
Capital City: Basseterre located on St Kitts and is also the largest city
Population: Approximately 54,000 (2015 census)
Nominal Gross Domestic Product: $945,000,000 (2016)
Per Capita Income: $16,900 (2016)
Area: 261 sq kilometers/107 sq miles
Spoken Languages: English, St Kitts Creole
Political System: Constitutional Monarchy
Legal System: English Common Law
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar

Introduction to St Kitts and Nevis Economic Citizenship

The origin of the St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program is bitter sweet. Indeed, the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis was a small Caribbean nation with an economy based on the production of sugar. However, their sugar cane based production become uneconomical after the discovery of beet sugar in the early 1900s.

To compensate for many years of lost income, the government established the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) in 1984. The core component of the SIDF was the St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program.

However more recently, the government has established the Sustainable Growth Fund which is designed to completely replace the SIDF and the Hurricane Relief Fund. The primary investor has six beneficial options in which to place their contribution – education, climate change, medical, infrastructure, cultural and tourism.

Location of St Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts and Nevis Location Map

St Kitts and Nevis is located in the northern end of the Lesser Antilles Island chain as part of the Leeward Islands. Generally speaking, the island nation is southeast of Puerto Rico, south of Anguilla, and west of Antigua and Barbuda.

St Kitts and Nevis citizenship benefits include direct flights from top international locations such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Additionally, St Kitts Robert L Bradshaw International Airport (SKB) can facilitate commuter flights from the Caribbean region.

Furthermore, on the island of Nevis there is another airport that accommodates flights from the Caribbean region. This is the Vance W Armory (NEV) airport which services locations such as Puerto Rico, Antigua, St Croix, St Thomas and the St Maarten Islands.

st kitts and nevis access map

St Kitts and Nevis Landscape

The island federation is of volcanic origin. The volcanoes are long since dormant, however in lasting legacy of their volcanic origin the islands have grayish black sand beaches. At 1,156 meters in height, Mt Liamuiga is a volcanic crater and one of the tallest mountains in the Caribbean archipelago.

Liamuiga” was the original name given to St Kitts island by the Kalinago Indians (the original inhabitants) and it means “fertile land“. Mt Liamuiga is also an important source of the abundant fresh water on the island and is also a popular hiking destination.

Nevis island features Nevis Peak which is a prominent cloud covered feature of the landscape. Apparently, Nevis Peak reminded its European discoverer of snow covered mountain tops. Therefore, the island of Nevis was originally named “Nuestra Señora de las Nieves” which means “Our lady of the snows” in English. However, the name of the island was eventually shortened to Nevis and it remains that way today.

st kitts and nevis landscape

Cloud covered Nevis Peak seen behind a luxury housing estate.

St Kitts and Nevis Economic Citizenship Benefits

  1. Passport Ranking The St Kitts and Nevis passport ranking was 24th on the global front in the Henley & Partners OECS Q4 2019 survey. Additionally, most St Kitts passport holders are eligible for long term travel visas to the US (see more below).
  2. US Long Term Visa Passport holders from St Kitts and Nevis can often obtain long term visa arrangements from the United States. If approved, US immigration will usually issue a one year visa to start, then the next renewal will be for a 3-5 year term and then 5-10 years.
  3. Neutral Passport Country St Kitts and Nevis citizenship benefits include issuance by a neutral country with a noninvasive foreign policy. As a result, St Kitts passport holders enjoy safe travel and freedom to enter legitimate business agreements worldwide.
  4. Low Tax Requirements St Kitts and Nevis citizenship benefits include no tax on international revenues, no personal income tax, plus no wealth or inheritance tax. Nor is there any government requirement to report any of your offshore assets e.g. FBAR.
  5. No Residency Requirement There are no St Kitts and Nevis residency requirements to obtain or retain citizenship. Additionally, there is no interview as part of the application process except under rare circumstances.
  6. Dual Citizenship St Kitts and Nevis citizenship permits dual nationality.
  7. Visa Free Travel In total, St Kitts and Nevis passport visa free countries includes 154+ nations where citizens can travel visa free. The list of visa free countries includes all the Commonwealth Nations, Russia, Brazil, Cuba, European Union, United Kingdom, Ireland and the Caribbean countries.

St Kitts and Nevis Passport Visa Free Countries

Albania [90 days], Andorra [90 days], Anguilla [90 days], Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina [90 days], Armenia [120 days], Aruba [30 days], Austria [90 days], Bahamas [90 days], Barbados, Belarus [30 days], Bangladesh [90 days], Belgium [90 days], Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia [90 days], Bonaire [30 days], Bosnia and Herzegovina [90 days], Botswana, Brazil [90 days], British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria [90 days], Cambodia [30 days], Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Chile [90 days], Comoros [45 days], Columbia [120 days], Costa Rica [30 days], Croatia [90 days], Cuba [30 days], Curacao [30 days], Cyprus [90 days], Czech Republic [90 days], Denmark [90 days], Djibouti, Dominica, Dominica Republic [tourist card on arrival], Ecuador [90 days], Egypt [30 days], El Salvador [90 days], Estonia [90 days], Faroe Islands [90 days], Fiji [120 days], Finland [90 days], France [90 days], French Guiana [90 days], French Polynesia [90 days], French Southern and Antarctic Lands [90 days], Gambia [90 days], Georgia, Germany [90 days], Gibraltar, Greece [90 days], Greenland [90 days], Grenada, Guadeloupe [90 days], Guatemala [90 days], Guinea-Bissau [90 days], Guyana, Haiti [90 days], Holy See (Vatican City) [90 days], Honduras [90 days], Hong Kong [90 days], Hungary [90 days], Iceland [90 days], Indonesia [30 days], Iran [30 days, conditions apply], Ireland [90 days], Israel [90 days], Italy [90 days], Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya [90 days], Kiribati [90 days], Kosovo [90 days], Laos [30 days], Latvia [90 days], Lebanon, Lesotho [90 days], Liechtenstein [90 days], Lithuania [90 days], Luxembourg [90 days], Macedonia [90 days], Madagascar [90 days], Malawi [90 days], Malaysia [30 days], Maldives [30 days], Malta [90 days], Martinique [90 days], Mauritania, Mauritius, Micronesia [30 days], Moldova [90 days], Monaco [90 days], Montenegro [90 days], Montserrat, Mozambique [30 days], Nepal [90 days], Netherlands [90 days], New Caledonia [90 days], Nicaragua [90 days], Niue [30 days], Norway [90 days], Palau [30 days], Panama [120 days], Peru [183 days], Philippines [30 days], Pitcairn Island [14 days], Poland [90 days], Portugal [90 days], Reunion [90 days], Romania [90 days], Russia [90 days], Rwanda [90 days], Saba [30 days], St Lucia, Samoa [60 days], San Marino [90 days], Senegal [90 days], Seychelles [90 days], Sierra Leone [90 days], Singapore [30 days], Slovak Republic [90 days], Slovenia [90 days], Somalia [30 days], Solomon Islands [90 days], South Korea [90 days], Spain [90 days], St Bart’s [90 days], St Eustatius [30 days], St Helena [90 days], Sint Maarten [30 days], Saint Pierre and Miquelon [90 days], Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Suriname, Sweden [90 days], Switzerland [90 days], Taiwan [Online visa, 30 days], Timor-Leste [30 days], Tanzania, Togo [7 days], Tonga [31 days], Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia [90 days], Turkey [90 days], Turks and Caicos, Tuvalu [30 days], Uganda, Ukraine [90 days], United Kingdom [180 days], Uruguay, Vanuatu [30 days], Venezuela [90 days], Wallis and Futuna [90 days], Zambia [90 days], Zimbabwe [90 days]   

Sustainable Growth Fund

The Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF) is designed to completely replace the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation and the Hurricane Relief Fund. As a result, it is a better program for applicants because the St Kitts citizenship cost is reduced by 60% and the investor also gets to choose where their contribution is directed. The six options available for distribution are education, climate change, infrastructure, medical, tourism and cultural.

Government fees are included in the investment contribution (due diligence and passport fees notwithstanding). Due diligence is required on all St Kitts and Nevis citizenship applicants over the age of 16.

Program Costs SGF Donation
Investment $150,000 single applicant
$175,000 main applicant + spouse
$195,000 family of four
$10,000 each additional dependent*
Due Diligence $7,500 main applicant
$4,000 spouse
$4,000 dependent >16 years old
Government Fees not applicable
Government Application Fees $250 per person

*Additional Dependents: USD $10,000 for each additional dependent other than the spouse.

Accelerated Application: The accelerated application process guarantees successful applicants their citizenship in under 60 days. Express processing cost $25,000 for main applicant and $500 for each dependent under 16 years in age.

Professional fees are required on all applications and will vary in relation to the number of dependents and the complexity of the application.

Application Process for the SIDF:

  1. The applicant signs the professional agreement with New Passport Pro. St Kitts and Nevis citizenship application forms and supporting documents are collected for review by our legal team. The due diligence fees and the professional fees are paid.
  2. The completed application forms with supporting documents are submitted to the St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment unit (CBIU) with proof of funds transfer. The due diligence period takes effect which is usually completed within 90 days.
  3. Provided due diligence is successful, then the application approval is received from the CBIU.
  4. After approval is received the investor must transfer the investment funds in full into the designated government escrow account within 90 days.
  5. The office of the prime minister issues the certificate of naturalization. Our local agent will then submit it along with the passport application to the passport office.
  6. Upon issuance of the passport documents they are then forwarded to the successful applicant via reputable delivery service.

Real estate development

St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Real Estate Investment

Investing in government approved St Kitts and Nevis real estate is another method of satisfying the St Kitts citizenship cost. There are several development projects on the islands which are qualified under this program. However, before recommending any of the St Kitts real estate developments we take into account the reputation and financial strength of the developer, plus quality of construction materials used.

General cost break down for qualified real estate purchase:

Program Fees Real Estate Costs
Investment $200,000 irrespective of the number of applicants
Due Diligence $7,500 main applicant
$4,000 spouse
$4,000 dependent >16 years old
Government Fees $35,047 main applicant
$20,047 spouse
$10,047 dependent of any age
Government Application Fees $250 per person

Additional St Kitts and Nevis Real Estate Guidelines:

  1. Specifically, St Kitts citizenship real estate option requires a minimum qualified purchase amount of $200,000 with a 7 year holding period.
  2. Single applicant real estate purchase of $400,000 reduces the holding period to 5 years.
  3. To qualify, St Kitts and Nevis real estate for sale must be developed property or property that will be developed after purchase. It is usually not permitted to hold raw land. However, one exception is the St Kitts Christophe Harbour development. Qualifying lots at this super development may be purchased for a starting price of $700,000.
  4. The real estate purchase can be made contingent on being granted St Kitts and Nevis citizenship.

Professional fees are required on all applications and will vary in relation to the number of dependents and the complexity of the application.

Application Process for the Real Estate Citizenship Program:

  1. The applicant signs the professional agreement with New Passport Pro and submits a portion of the professional fees. In addition, the applicant signs the purchase and sale agreement with the developer and submits 10% to 20% down payment.
  2. Next, all of the application forms are completed and supporting documents collected. The applicant transfers all due diligence fees into the designated government account.
  3. The St Kitts passport application and required documents are submitted to CBIU and the due diligence period begins. Due diligence takes on average 90 days to complete.
  4. CBIU approval is received once the due diligence checks are successfully completed
  5. The investor then pays the remaining funds to the real estate developer and the remaining professional fees. We will notify CBIU when it has been completed. Then the investor submits the remaining government fees.
  6. Next, the certificate of naturalization is completed by the prime minister’s office and we send it and the passport application to the passport office.
  7. When the final citizenship documents are ready we send them to the successful applicant via reputable delivery service.

Applicant(s) Package Forms:

  1. C1 Application Form: is required for all applicants and authorized signatures must be obtained for children under 16
  2. Signature Certificate Form of the Applicant (Form C2) same principle as form C1
  3. Photographs (6) taken within last 6 months from all applicants.
  4. Medical Certificate (Form C3) with results of HIV test of the Applicant
  5. Passport Forms SIDF OPTION (Sugar Industry Diversification Fund): Investment Confirmation (C4 form) plus confirmation of deposit of all funds to escrow account
  6. Passport Forms REAL ESTATE OPTION: Copy of Duly Executed Real Estate Contract / Purchase and Sales Agreement, Copy of Duly Executed Escrow Agreement, Deed of Conveyance / Certificate of Title (if closing completed), Confirmation of deposit of all funds to escrow account

Applicant(s) Documents Required:

Certified Copy of Passports, Certified Copy of National ID Card, 6 Passport Photos From Each Applicant according to prescribed specifications, Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, Certified Copy of Military Service Record (if applicable), Certified Copy of Proof of Name Change (if applicable), Original Bank reference Letter, Original Qualified Professional Reference, Original Qualified Police Certificate, Certified Evidence of Residential Address, Certified Copy of Marriage/Divorce Certificate (if applicable), Past 12 months Bank Statements, Additional Supporting Documents as Required, Source of Funds

Additional Documents:
-Professional Service Agreement between applicant and our agency.
ower of attorney granted in our favor and worded according to our specifications.