Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship for Investors

The Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program was launched by the government in 2013. As a result, it is now possible for global investors to obtain a slice of tropical paradise for reasonable cost.

However, this Caribbean paradise offers much more than sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Additionally, begin planning for tomorrow and secure your family, your wealth and your freedom. Indeed, the Grenada citizenship benefits are very significant and the approval requirements are quite reasonable.

  1. Facts About Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Popular Location of Antigua and Barbuda
  3. Antigua and Barbuda Visa Free Countries
  4. Top Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship
  5. Antigua and Barbuda National Development Trust
  6. Real Estate Investment Options

Basic Facts About Antigua and Barbuda

antigua and barbuda citizenship by investment area map

One of the Antigua citizenship benefits is the tropical location. Indeed, the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda is located in the Leeward islands. Additionally, this tiny island nation helps form the upper half of the Lesser Antilles island chain. Therefore, the location of the islands is situated right on the boundary where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, although Antigua was originally of volcanic origin, the volcanoes are long since dormant. As a result, the highest point of the island is only 400 meters.

The neighboring island of Barbuda is a coral atoll which is located 48 kilometers to the northeast of Antigua. However, the island is mostly flat and sparsely populated. Additionally, the uninhabited Redonda Island is located west of Antigua and is considered part of the same island group. Although there are many additional tiny islands that are part of Antigua and Barbuda, these three islands are the largest.

Total Surface Area: 440 sq kilometers/190 sq miles
Capital City: St Johns located is on the Island of Antigua
Total Population: About 90,000 (2014)
Gross Domestic Product: $1,300,000,000 (USD)
Main Industry: Tourism
Spoken Language: English
Legal System: English Common Law
Political System: Constitutional Monarchy

Access to the islands just got a lot easier due to the opening of the new terminal at VC Bird International Airport. The new wing opened in 2015 on Antigua. As a result, there are now direct flights from London, Toronto, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte and Porto Rico. Additionally, VC Bird International Airport is the Caribbean regional hub for local commuter flights.

International access image

However, even before the implementation of the new airport terminal the islands were already immensely popular with tourists. As a result, they were already known as the “land of 365 beaches”. This is obviously because of the multitude of beaches that are featured around the islands. However, there is also a multitude of different colored sand to choose from.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship lifestyle beaches

Indeed, there is gold, white and pink sand beaches for the tourists to enjoy. Therefore, when it gets crowded at the more popular locations there are always alternatives available.

Antigua and Barbuda English Heritage

Admiral Nelson photo English heritage
Admiral Nelson

Additional Antigua citizenship benefits include its English heritage. Indeed, the island once had a very famous resident named Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. Admiral Nelson was initially unpopular with the merchants on the islands due to his enforcement of the Navigation Act.

Nonetheless, the nation of Antigua and Barbuda is very proud of its English heritage. As a result, the Nelson’s Dockyard and Marina is now a cultural heritage site and it is one of the island’s most popular attractions for locals and tourists alike.

The island nation achieved independence from British rule in 1981. However, it proudly remains part of the Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth II as the reigning Queen.

Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

Completing the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program will provide a multitude of benefits. These program benefits are intricately linked to global travel and asset protection. Indeed, they will effect each person differently, but they are all indispensable. Here is short list for your consideration.

Financial Freedom and Security: FATCA regulations are strangling the global financial system and US citizens are punished as a result. However, FATCA may be the least of our worries. This is because we have still got to come to terms impending insolvency of the western governments. Indeed, the seizure of bank accounts on the island of Cyprus was a warning sign and it can happen anywhere.

Don’t forget that less then a century ago that the US government seized the gold assets of all US citizens. All congress has to do is declare an emergency and vote with the sufficient majority in favor of it. If so, your assets will be seized by the US government.

Personal Safety: Incompetent and self serving foreign diplomacy has made global travel increasingly dangerous for US citizens. Indeed, even allied countries are lobbying for the removal of US military bases from their soil. However, it is not only US citizens that should be concerned. Britain, France and Belgium all have old and new enemies to contend with. Therefore, it is much safer to travel with a neutral 2nd passport.

Low Tax: You can easily recoup the cost of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. This is because successful applicants only pay income tax if they derive income from Antigua and Barbuda. As a result, the program is very cost effective for international businesses and you should quickly recover your investment. Indeed, there is no tax on international income, this includes capital gains, inheritance and wealth tax.

Business Opportunities: As a citizen of the US or many western European countries you have limited business opportunities in the Middle East and Russia, plus certain countries in Africa and Asia. After acquiring a second passport from a neutral country such as Antigua and Barbuda, you are free to enter into business contracts with these and many other countries. Additionally, the citizens of sanctioned countries could use their neutral second passport to do business with western democracies if desired.

Antigua and Barbuda Program Advantages

The Caribbean citizenship by investment programs are the most competitive. However, each program has advantages that make it more or less competitive against other Caribbean programs. As a result, there is a program that is specially suited for each individual, couple or family. I have listed some of the notable advantages of the Antigua and Barbuda program below.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Cost: The Antigua and Barbuda citizenship cost is relatively low compared to the many benefits it provides. As a result, lower tax, real estate appreciation and investment returns are a few of the many ways you can quickly recover your investment capital. Additionally, the investment program is priced at nearly a 90% reduction compared to over-hyped countries such as Cyprus.

Nominal Residency Requirement: The citizenship program of Antigua and Barbuda does require a minimum 5 day residency requirement over each 5 year period. However, this can easily be satisfied with a Caribbean vacation. Plus, if you go the real estate route then you will probably be living on the islands for part of the year anyway.

Excellent Visa Free Travel Opportunities: There are 130 Antigua and Barbuda passport visa free countries including all of the European Union, Commonwealth Nations, Caribbean countries, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Visa free access is the first step to qualify for long term residency or employment visas. Additionally, Canada has been included on the list of visa free countries.

list of Antigua and Barbuda visa free countries

Easy Processing: Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Act 2013 has been simplified for the convenience of applicants.

  1. There is no personal interview and it is not necessary to travel to the islands during the application process.
  2. No managerial experience required or minimal education level.
  3. There is a quick processing time of 3-4 months!

Additional Dependents:The parents or grandparents of the main applicant are permitted as dependents up to the age of 65. Plus, children of the main applicant under the age of 26* are permitted as dependents.

*restrictions apply

100% Constitutionally Legal: The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Act 2013 was passed by the senate in order to spur growth on the islands. As a result the program is legally valid and the passport you will be issued under the program is 100% genuine.

Acquisition Methods for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

The two approved methods to satisfy the investment requirements are the National Development Fund and the Real Estate Option. As a result, investors are given a choice which allows them additional freedom to suite their needs.

Antigua and Barbuda National Development Fund

The Antigua and Barbuda National Development Fund (NDF) requires each applicant to make a non refundable contribution to non profit, designated development projects. However, the investor’s funds are not transferred into the NDF until the application (with due diligence fees) has been submitted and approved by the government. Below is a categorized breakdown of the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship cost under the NDF program.

NDF DONATION AMOUNTS (USD)                           CONTRIBUTION              PROCESSING
INVESTOR ONLY                                                         $250,000                      $50,000
INVESTOR + SPOUSE                                                  $250,000                      $100,000
+ 1 CHILD UNDER 18 Y.O.                                           $250,000                      $125,000
+ 2 CHILDREN UNDER 18 Y.O.                                      $250,000                      $150,000
US$ 50,000 additional processing fee
for each dependent over 18 years.

INVESTMENT AMOUNT (USD)                                                                                          
Family of 4 with 2 children (11 years and under)
CONTRIBUTION                                                                                              $250,000

DUE DILIGENCE INVESTOR                                                                              $7,500
DUE DILIGENCE SPOUSE                                                                                 $7,500
APPLICATION PROCESSING INVESTOR                                                              $50,000
APPLICATION PROCESSING SPOUSE                                                                 $50,000
PROCESSING CHILDREN (US$ 25,000 X 2)                                                        $50,000   
Total Investment                                                                                             $415,000*

*Professional fees for citizenship processing are payable for all applications and will vary depending on the number of dependents and application complexity

The National Development Fund Application Process:

  1. The applicant signs the professional agreement with New Passport Pro and completes the application form in full.
  2. The applicant then pays the due diligence fees in full + 10% of the processing and professional fees and the completed application forms are submitted to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) for review.
  3. Next the due diligence process is begun and it is expected to take a minimum of 90 days to complete.
  4. After due diligence is successfully completed then a letter of approval is received from the CBIU.
  5. Then the successful applicant pays the remainder of the processing and professional fees and then sends the investment funds to the designated CBIU account.
  6. The CBIU issues the certificate of naturalization to the New Passport Pro agent who then submits the passport application and certificate of registration to the immigration department.
  7. The passport documents are then issued and will be sent to the investor by a reliable overnight delivery service.

Antigua and Barbuda Real Estate Option

The Caribbean Islands are a tourist mecca! Historically, Antigua and Barbuda have been the main hub for tourist activity in the region. As a result, the government wants to do everything possible to enhance this segment of the economy. Therefore, the real estate purchase option was included under Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment act 2013.

Under the purchase program the investor is required to purchase approved real estate on either Antigua or Barbuda. Additionally, the purchase price must be a minimum of $400,000 USD. The full purchase price is not paid until the application is fully approved. However, the investor must pay the developer the required down payment before submitting the application – usually 10% to 20%. Please note that the purchase can be made contingent upon approval of the citizenship application.

INVESTMENT AMOUNT (USD)                                                                                          
Family of 4 with 2 children (11 years and under)

REAL ESTATE PURCHASE                                                                                  $400,000
DUE DILIGENCE INVESTOR                                                                               $7,500
DUE DILIGENCE SPOUSE                                                                                  $7,500
APPLICATION PROCESSING INVESTOR                                                               $50,000
APPLICATION PROCESSING SPOUSE                                                                  $50,000
(US$ 25,000 X 2)                                                                                             $50,000   
Total Investment                                                                                             $565,000*

*Professional fees for citizenship processing are payable for all applications and will vary depending on the number of dependents and application complexity.

The Real Estate Approval Process:

  1. The investor signs the professional agreement with New Passport Pro and then enters into a purchase and sale agreement for the CBIU approved real estate. Additionally, the investor completes the application and pays the required deposit to the developer. The investor also pays the due diligence fees in full and submits a portion of the processing and professional fees.
  2. The application is then submitted to the CBIU and due diligence can take up to 90 days.
  3. After the due diligence checks are completed then the approval is received from CBIU
  4. The investor then needs to pay the remainder of the processing and professional fees and must also pay the remainder of the purchase price to the developer.
  5. The CBIU issues the certificate of naturalization to the New Passport Pro agent who then submits the passport application and the certificate of registration to the immigration department.
  6. The passport documents are then issued and will be sent to the investor by a reliable overnight delivery service.

Antigua and Barbuda Required Documentation

The list below is a general overview and it is not exhaustive. Therefore, CBIU may request additional documentation and/or verification. Additionally, after the application process is initiated we will provide clarification about document format, duplicates, supplementary materials, number of passport photos et cetera.*


  1. AB1 Application Form
  2. AB2 Photograph and Signature Certificate
  3. AB3 Medical Certificate
  4. AB4 Investment Confirmation Form
  5. AB5 Agent Form
  6. Application for Antigua and Barbuda Passport for applicants 16 years and older (FORM L)
  7. Application for Antigua and Barbuda Passport for applicants under 16 years (FORM M)

Applicant(s) Documents for Submission

Passport forms, Birth Certificate, National ID Forms, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Military Records, Photos, Medical HIV Test, Professional Character Reference Letter, Bank Reference Letters, Evidence of Residential Address, Police Clearance Certificate, Source of Funds, Name Change Forms, Dependent Children Verification Forms.

Other Documents

Professional agreement between applicant and our agency.
Power of Attorney executed by applicant in favor of our agency written to our specifications.


*Please see the complete list of required documents made available on this website for further clarification. The government reserves the right to request additional documentation should it be deemed necessary – at their sole discretion.

Additionally, it is absolutely imperative that all applicants and dependents are 100% honest during the entire application and approval process. If it was discovered that there was incorrect information submitted in order to qualify for citizenship your application can be rejected outright and no refund will be given for the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship cost you incurred. In addition, subsequent to the Antigua and Barbuda passport being issued it can be revoked if it is determined that false information was submitted by the applicant during the application process. If so, no Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship cost will be refunded nor will any Antigua and Barbuda citizenship benefits be retained by the applicant(s).

Information pertaining to the application requirements and fees is subject to change due to program adjustments or official legislation. Therefore, New Passport Pro shall not be held responsible for any of the above information.

Contact me to begin your application for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment.