Dual Citizenship Acquisition Specialist

Welcome to New Passport Pro,

We endeavor to provide guidance for groups and individuals who have the ambition to permanently relocate outside their country of origin. Dual citizenship is a vehicle which is the most efficient and effective means to accomplish your objectives.

Dual citizenship will open many doors for those who possess it. As a result, you will be able to open foreign bank accounts, travel with a passport from a neutral country and enter business contracts with counter parties of all nationalities.

To meet the challenges that lie ahead you will need someone that you can trust. There are myriad obstacles that you will face. However, with proper guidance and experience it is possible to make the transition as seamless and inexpensive as possible.

The era of globalization is here to stay and the best way to face it – is to embrace it. There are many opportunities that lie waiting for those with the audacity and courage to take advantage. Contact me today and start down the path to financial and personal freedom.

Sincerely yours,

Edwin M
Go Global Corporation PTE. LTD.
Founding Member and Director
D.B.A. New Passport Pro